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It was NBA All-Star Weekend in New York City and thanks to fans voting across Canada and internationally Kyle Lowry (of the Toronto Raptors) made the cut for the Eastern Conference starting lineup. Kyle finished the game with 10 points, 8 assists, 4 steals and 3 rebounds. Not to mention he dunked it for the first time since 2006!



Next year the NBA All-Star game will take place in Toronto, Ontario, which will be the first time the event has been hosted outside of the USA. If I have the chance I would love to visit Toronto during that time and experience the All-Star Weekend! 


Anyway, on Friday night Kyle tweeted this… 



Being a huge Raptors fan I felt obliged to submit a design. Kyle’s been coined “The Bulldog of Bay Street,” in regards to his competitive attitude, hustle, and drive… he’s really the heart and soul of the Toronto Raptors.


With this in mind, I felt that Sid Lee’s ‘We The North’ campaign really captures the mentality of Kyle and the Raptors. The typeface is scrappy, rough and edgy, much like Kyle’s bulldog play.


We The North


Thus, I chose the same typeface and broke it down to a word mark ‘KL7’ which is Kyle Lowry 7 (his jersey number).


Kyle Lowry Logo Design


Kyle Lowry Logo Design Alt


Next year the Raptors are rebranding the team with a new logo and team colours, of which black and gold are the primary selections. I’ve incorporated these colours into the design. So fingers crossed he’ll choose this design over the others!


Kyle Lowry Logo Design Alt

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